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838821 Campus Bike & Skate Assistant / STDT 2
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Under the supervision of the Campus Bike & Skate manager, assist with the assembly and basic repair of bicycles, such as flat tires and minor adjustments. Will be responsible for maintaining a clean and organized working environment. Operate a cash register. Assist with customer service, retail sales, and quarterly inventory. Answer customer questions regarding general bike issues and bike purchasing. Attend staff meetings and training sessions.
Cleanliness and responsibility. Basic mechanical ability. General bike knowledge. Ability to assist customers in a helpful and friendly manner. Ability to perform basic math and make change at the cash register. Bike repair and sales experience preferred. Must have a valid California Driver's License as some driving may be required. Must pay UCSD student services fees each quarter working (must have paid Sp’17 UCSD student services fees or be a new or readmit UC student Fa’17 to work summer)  
11.5 Closed
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6/8/2017 3
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Assistant II  
Bike Shop  
Kris  WELLS