Current Open Positions at University Centers

Information Systems Assistant / STDT 3 $11.85 /hr
  1 Position(s)
  Post Date 4/7/2017
Under the supervision of the Information Systems Manager, learn to provide user support and training for Price Center staff regarding computer systems and networks. Assist in running help desk operation to troubleshoot and track problems with hardware and software. Learn to assist with the management of the servers including creation of new users, changes to access privileges, and printer assignments.

Marketing- Video Net Systems Coordinator (In Training) $12.00 /hr
  1 Position(s)
  Post Date 4/6/2017
Under the general supervision of the University Centers Graphic Artist, the Video Net Coordinator will train to be responsible for the processing, designing, and maintaining of the University Centers’ video messaging and marquee systems. The video net system is displayed on television monitors located through out the Price Center, while the marquee is located above the Theater entrance. Training topics include how to organize and schedule online requests for video announcements and creation of individual slides and motion video clips using information and/or artwork provided by the University Centers, student organizations and various departments on campus.

Art Exhibit Coordinator $11.85 /hr
  1 Position(s)
  Post Date 4/5/2017
Under the direction of the Assistant Director - University Centers Marketing and Programs, coordinate all art exhibits in University Centers, including Red Shoe Room, Green Table Room, PC Theater Lounge, and other spaces as deemed necessary. Design and install displays for University Centers Marketing and Programs and coordinate community displays as assigned. Assist with art direction on special projects. Responsible for researching and recruiting student, staff and faculty artists; reviewing art work for quality and appropriateness for venue; determining show run dates; curating and installing exhibits; managing receptions; completing necessary administrative forms; and maintaining a quality program within a pre-determined budget. Works closely with the Senior Marketing Manager to coordinate the production and distribution of all publicity and to schedule event staff as needed. Works closely with a diverse group of professionals including artists; university business, event and facility managers; marketing assistants; and a team of graphic and web designers.

Junior Events Manager $11.85 /hr
  1 Position(s)
  Post Date 4/5/2017
Under the direction of The Loft Curator/Programs and Events Manager, curate, coordinate, produce and manage concerts and events for and in University Centers managed venues enhancing student life on the UC San Diego Campus. The core venues you will be responsible for programming and managing include; The Loft, Price Center Ballrooms, and Price Center Plaza along with additional University Centers Venues. Programs will range from concerts, film screenings, comedy events, DJ series, novelty acts, cultural events and campus traditions. In addition, the University Centers Student Events Manager will partner with on campus departments such as AS Concerts & Events and ArtPower along with student organizations to provide event and venue management for partnered events.

Custodial-Bussing Assistant/ STDT 3 $11.85 /hr
  3 Position(s)
  Post Date 3/23/2017
Under the direction of the Price Center Custodial Services Staff, assist in the daily bussing of the Price Center interior and exterior dining areas. Bussing Assistants sweep, mop and wipe the floors, tables, and countertops throughout the dining areas on a continuous basis. Bussing Assistants remove trash, and operate a trash compactor and a cardboard baler. Other duties include vacuuming using backpack vacuums, cleaning chairs, trash receptacles, windows, microwaves, video monitors, carpet mats and runners. Restroom duties include checking all restroom dispensers and replenishing paper and soap, spot mopping floors and removing trash. Bussing Assistants will work closely with professional staff and the campus community on a daily basis to provide excellent customer service.